Ohana Beach

When I first thought of starting a beach program for Ohana Athletic Club, I couldn’t help but think of how beneficial it’s going to be for our indoor club players. I only wish this was an option for when I had played many years ago. We are directing our attention to boys and girls ages 8-14. We currently train at Los Caballeros Sand Court and Newland Street Beach. We train the kids in plyometric and agility along with speed and conditioning exercises. All of which are done with a trained and certified coach.

Ohana Beach is an outlet for all volleyball players who are interested in taking there volleyball skills to the next level or just simply are interested in having fun on the sand. We have trained and qualified coaches who currently play in AVP events and train themselves daily to compete and train at the highest levels. Beach volleyball is a great outlet for our boys/girls to train during the summer months while away from the indoor club volleyball season. I am a firm believer that if you are a good beach volleyball player, you will be that much better of an indoor player once season comes around. We teach our kids teamwork, technique, and endurance. Go Ohana!