Welcome to Ohana

In volleyball, COMMUNICATION is the key component to having a successful team.  At Ohana Athletic Club, the goal is to harvest and nurture communication between the parents, coaches, and the whole OAC organization in perspective of building a successful club. As a seasoned competitor for over 15 years, playing nationally and on the professional stage, Paul Munoz takes the club’s goal to a heightened level.   As the director of Ohana Athletic Club, Paul strives to share with each player, opportunities and resources that excelled his personal development through his volleyball career.  

The fundamentals of the game are where it begins.  Among the staff of OAC certified volleyball instructors, there are highly trained Agility instructors to help players develop rapid thinking and responsiveness while in game action.  If anyone knows the quickness it takes to play at a competitively high level, it would be Paul.  Soon after his college at Division 1 Long Beach State, Paul began training with the USA National Team (4.5 years) and playing professionally overseas in Greece, Puerto Rico, and Portugal.  The exposure to such programs and elite court rivalry gave Paul the essential training he needed to become the coach he is today so that he can pass it on to a new generation who desire to know the game from the inside out.  Go Ohana!

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